Time & goal management
Digital method to achieve goals with less stress.
For you and your team
"I've been using RedForester for months and now:
I achieve my goals 2 times more often;
I reduced extra work hours to ~zero;
2 hours per week I spend on my skills development”
CBDO at Service company
Aleksandra Sedova
Write down your long-term and short-term goals. Keep your tasks in the backlog.
Work in an agile way: use sprints to plan your recurring tasks,
and add tasks from the backlog, that will move you toward your goals
Structure your activity visually
Control planned tasks' time budget and your working hours limit.
Balance your sprint and split off unimportant tasks if the limit is exceeded
Estimate time of tasks
and balance your sprint
Work within your personal sprint, but connect it to projects' or teams' backlog.
Collaborate and sync with teammates with ease:
delegate some tasks, ask to move the deadline, or change the task's requirements
Connect your plan with team
Like SUM function in Spreadsheets, but works with knowledge graphs
To track time you spent on the task and update it's estimation
Google Calendar
To sync with a team and make a reminders
Frequently Asked Questions
Still have doubts? Here’s everything we think you should know.
First and foremost, you have the option to try the solution for free to see how it will work in your specific situation. Additionally, the solution is not inflexible and rigid, allowing you to easily customize it to fit your needs by changing node types, branch templates, and more.
What if some parts of the solution
will not work for me?
There is no silver bullet, but the solution I purpose is not about time optimization. It's about goal planning and achievements under time pressure. So it looks like a slightly different view of mgmt process.
I've already used GTD, Pomidoro,
<wtf time mgmt> and it didn't work for me
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