RedForester features
Nodes have a types. Type defines node structure, so transform notes into objects
Quickly save any information
in knowledge graph and
shape it later
Notes are first-class citizens
with typed nodes
Notes as Nodes
Our users easily work with mindmap of 100 000 nodes, because of:
• collapsible branches
• node-links
• navigation tools
Use enhanced mindmap view
of graph to make you work with
it goal directed. Free form graph view (we plan to add it in some future too) suits good for note-taking, but mindmap view suits best to streamline thinking process and workflow
With RedForester mindmap is no longer a tree structure. We add node-links and back-references, that represent links between nodes in graph, but simplify work with them
Enhanced mindmap view
Open API
Extensions API (automation, views, integrations)
Subscribe to email updates only on nodes and branches, that important for you. Less emails more productivity
Mark favorites nodes with star to quickly navigate to them
Use node-links and back-references to simplify navigation big knowledge graphs
Use full text search with type filters to quickly find what you are looking for
Search and favorites
Set access levels and areas for your teammates. Readonly branches or private nodes all on you own
Fine grained access rights
Love to code? You could process your knowledge graph easily with our open API and several connection libraries
See current extension lists there
With extension you could:
  • present knowledge graph in different views
  • integrate it with other services to do some automation
  • process knowledge with ML/NLP frameworks to find some insights for your team!
Extensions are modules, that you could activate on the platform
Download Apps
Mobile app
Telegram bot
Web keepers