R&D project management
Take on the R&D project workflow efficiently by combining knowledge, process, and communication in a single visual space. Structure it as your team wants
“We greatly boosted the coherence between the R&D department and other stakeholders by using the shared knowledge graph to manage different aspects of a project”
Researcher, Crystal growing systems engineering company
Andrey Kirillov
Write down your long-term and short-term goals. Keep your tasks in the backlog.
Work in an agile way: use sprints to plan your recurring tasks,
and add tasks from the backlog, that will move you toward your goals
Structure your project visually
R&D has nonlinear roadmaps with a high level of uncertainty.
Work with nonlinear roadmaps visually
R&D is all about notes, knowledge, and results. The question is how to organize
knowledge management at the level of the team.
Build in knowledge base into the whole project management process
To track project status
Timeline (alpha version)
To get a roadmap in timeline view
Google Calendar
To sync with a team and make a reminders
To export knowledge graph to report or paper
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