Mutual project planning
Build and track a project specification and
roadmap together with your customer
“I'm team leader of software development team and finally I found the tool to develop mutual expectations with our customers. This reduced the time of approval for the project by ~15%”
Team Leader
Oleg Bolshakov
Build a domain model, user roles, user scenarios, and project specification as a knowledge graph.
Collaborate with a customer team on it
Build a project specification visually
Create a project backlog and a roadmap with time estimates. Agreed with the customer on expectations about a mutual action plan
Make a project time estimation and planning
Make the project specification and roadmap live - update them, and collaborate on them with the customer team
Set up project tracker that usable for both sides
To calculate total estimation time of project parts
Timeline (alpha version)
To get a roadmap in timeline view
To track project status
Google Calendar
To sync with a team and make a reminders
To export project specification requirements to *.docx
To export project tasks with estimation to Google Sheets
Google Sheets (export)
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