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At the moment, RedForester is in invite-only early access.
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You’ll be charged after 31 days
Unlimited maps
Unlimited guests with
public map
Basic extensions
* Special pricing for education
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Basic extensions
Unlimited maps
Unlimited team members
Everything in Starter, plus:
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RedForester instance
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Everything in Team, plus:
Custom extensions
Private cloud
Frequently Asked Questions
Still have doubts? Here’s everything we think you should know.
If you're part of a nonprofit organization, we're happy to provide you with discounted pricing. Send your 501(c)(3), or your country’s equivalent, to support@redforester.com to redeem this offer.
My team is a nonprofit organization. Is special pricing available for NPOs or charitable organizations?
We have some extensions that could help you with this. We have an open API, that someone could use to develop new extension or integration with services you used. If you don’t see a tool for your workflow on the list, let us know and we’d be happy to help you.
Yes and no, you could use public maps to share it by the link with unlimited amount of guests. Guests are those who don't have an RedForester account. But guests could only read the map.
Does RedForester integrate with my existing workflow?
Except Enterprise plan, other plans don't differ in any options or features besides number members. All features like node access right editor, node type creation, open API, extensions and many other options are available on all plans. We could change this as far as new features will be added.
Does pricing plans differ by any other options than number of members?
Does everyone need a RedForester account to collaborate?
Yes! You can use the same email address to join multiple teams. However, each one of these teams is on its own plan and needs to be upgraded individually.
We haven’t finalized our pricing model. As a startup we need to testing pricing plans to find best, but we guarantee that for users who already use RedForester the conditions will not worsen.
Can I belong to multiple teams on RedForester?
What happens if RedForester team decides to change pricing plans?

In both cases your data will be available as read-only and can be exported.
What happens after the trial period is expired or if I cancel my subscription?
Yes! We offer both monthly and yearly billing options. The yearly billing option is always cheaper (an estimated 20% discount). For example, the Team Plan is $6 per member per month when you choose the monthly option, but $4.5 per member per month if you choose to pay yearly.
We care deeply about data privacy and security and strive to keep our security practices industry-leading. Learn more about data security on our website. If you need to store data on your own servers, please take a look at Enterprise plan.
Are there monthly and yearly billing options?
If you upgrade your plan to the Team, you will be charged a fee per member. For example, if you pay per month and have 6 members, you will be charged $36 each month.
How is pricing calculated?

Is my data secure?

You won't be able to add new members unless upgrades to the next plan. But of course your data will be accessible for current maps' members.
What happens if I hit the member limit?
At the moment we accept transfers via Stripe. If you want to purchase Enterprise Plan, contact us, and we will issue an invoice that you can pay via bank transfer.
What forms of payment does RedForester accept?
You could invite members. We keep track of any members who have been invited to any of your maps. It doesn't matter is it you or other map admins invite people.
How does RedForester define a member in the pricing plan?