Share your knowledge with mentees, adapt their learning paths, and collaborate effectively
in tech
“I spend 45 minutes less per week
to have interaction with three mentees.
Now I see questions and progress according to our plan, which I adapted for mentees.
And they easily shared their notes
and strides with me” Founder, Mentor
Ekaterina Siryakova
Create a study plan template for each mentorship area.
Update it alongside your knowledge base and customize it easily for each mentee
Easily adapt and update the study plan
Collaborate with mentee by sharing with them questions in the form of nodes' comments
or notes and ideas in shared branches
Structure communication
Visualize the mentee's progress by milestones/tasks statuses in Kanban,
or just by coloring nodes in the map
Manage study plan and hands-on projects
in one place
To track study plan and hands-on projects
Google Calendar
To sync with mentee and make a reminders
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