Papers &
thesis writing
Grow up clear and concise content from your notes and project results
“By using RedForester, I am able to organize my notes
and results in a way that helps me avoid feeling overwhelmed and arrange my thesis alongside my research project”
MSc student, Flanders Marine Institute
Lotte Pohl
Quickly take notes while browsing and reading with the help of Keepers:
a browser extension and Telegram app. You can also use mobile apps to save ideas on the go
Save your ideas, notes, references with ease
The process of writing a paper or thesis involves extensive research and note-taking.
To organize this process and structure the content, use the knowledge graph to connect
all pieces in one cohesive thinkspace
Grow up and structure your content by grouping notes and connecting them with project results
Organize discussions naturally using comments in the node editor.
Share your research project vision by sharing a knowledge graph, not just a text
Share your content with your teammates and advisors to get feedback effectively
To export knowledge graph to *.docx document
To manage tasks by status
Frequently Asked Questions
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At the moment we haven't LaTeX integration, but we have an open API and someone could make a pipeline to process nodes' content by LaTeX processor. We a looking for a most common use cases people use RedForester in writing process. Please let us know about your needs and ideas - contact us via or Discord.
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