⛺ New leaves at September 2021

September news! You could also see these leaves in the map view.
1. Onboarding
New users now will get a set of two maps to explore as examples.

We also implemented the first version of the onboarding tour for map and settings pages.

After account activation is complete, the user will be redirected to the small demo map, and the new onboarding tour will be triggered.

2. Improved images sizing
Before this change, images inserted in the node title or styled text properties were fixed by the height of 150 pixels in the mind map view due to technical limitations.

Because of this, small images were excessively big, and big images were too small:
We solved this limitation, and now images take as much space as they need:
4. Improvements to the extension info window
Extension description is now rendered as html, it gives developers more freedom to describe extension features and limitations. We also added a short version of the description to show it in the title and in the extensions list.

We added information about the extension author and made support email more obvious to the users.
Besides the author, we decided to display the system user of the extension.

We also improved error handling – if the error will occur during extension connection or removal it will be shown as a banner with a few tips on how to fix it.

Now we are showing a warning banner on top of the window if the extension is not compatible with the map types. Extension requirements are shown in the corresponding tab.

For development convenience, we added the link to developer information.
4. Recent video about RedForester
Recently Alex recorded the video about RedForester for R&D projects.
Video is available on YouTube.

Besides the video, we also have an article Thinking spaces and note-taking methods.