⛺ New leaves at January 2023

Time is going and some new leaves have grown on our changelog “tree”. See our public changelog map or text below.
1. Improved backlinks search
The backlinks panel will now search node-links on the other node-links of the same source node.
2. Displaying type description
Type description is now shown during new node creation or while changing the type of the node in the editor. Type description can be changed in mind map settings → type tab.
3. Displaying property description
Beside type description, we finally implemented displaying property description. If a property has a description, it will be displayed in the editor to the right of the property name when the question mark icon is hovered over. As with type description, you can change it in map settings → types tab.

At the time, you can only set the description for the type properties.
4. Improved UX when creating node-links
If the branch was closed when you created (pasted) a node-link inside it, it will stay closed, and the current selection will remain the same.

We’ve also added a notification after the link creation, so that you can get feedback.
5. Mind map list revision
We updated page styles to match our map design.

In addition, we added tooltip with map description to each “tile”. Map descriptions can be changed in mind map settings.
6. Fixed mind map focus loss issue
The most recent one happened while you working with editor opened by &opened link in the moment when map in the background complete it’s loading.

Another case happened when you closed the editor after the case of focus loss above.

Multiple other cases should also be fixed.
7. Fixed app crash for nobody
The core of the issue was that comments were marked as unread for nobody in some cases. The crash itself happened if nobody opened the editor and willingly or accidentally tried to read them (by hovering over them).

We fixed both cases - now, for nobody, every comment should be marked as read.
8. The execute extension command button has been updated
The old icon has been replaced with a puzzle icon, the same as in the top-right corner.

The button is now always visible to increase its discoverability.

We also changed the order of icons on top of the selected node.
9. Our community is now on Discord and Discourse. Feel free to join them!
We decided to change our community chat from Slack to Discord. And we made our Discourse public. Feel free to join them!
10. New sample map templates
We created new map templates that correspond to solutions on our new site.

They will be available as starting maps if you sign up after February 1, 2023. If you were signed up before this date and want these templates, please contact us.