Why RedForester?

Notes that work

Keep your ideas safe in the nodes of the mind map – spare them from being forgotten – they will take part later in your project

Writing papers and articles

Start from the outline and expand the document step by step. Stay focused on important and get the solid result.

Getting rid of feeling overwhelmed

Brainstorm your and team’s ideas to clear vision. Convert your storm results to personal and project plan

Team management

Create and clarify birds eye view of project deliverables to your team. Forget about rigid plans. Sync all teammates with calendar

Focus and collaboration

Put all your attention to the project, but stay in sync with your team within your work pace


Prepare presentation for your meeting. Present mind map as it is 🙂 Gather advisers’s feedback easily

Access RedForester on any platform

Work with simplified view at mobile apps and make notes at your favorite browser with our extensions


Easy to start, work your way up

Proceed from simple digital notebook to the level of formalization accepted within your team

All information on one canvas

With RedForester you don’t lose focus when switching between different types of information and pages – all things are placed on one map

Multiplayer collaboration

Work online with your teammates, colleagues and advisors. Collaborative real-time editing and getting shared view on the project

Multiple views

Based on your workflow, mind map can be operated as kanban, timeline, table-view and more

Plugins & Integrations

Connect plugins to automate your workflow: calculations, integrations, management and so on

Public, team and private access

Share parts of your map to your colleagues or restrict access to personal drafts (it’s up to you)

What people are saying …

Alexei Suhochev

Executive Director, CCDevelopment

Interesting tool! At first I was skeptical, but the demo has changed my mind.

Andrei Kirillov

Researcher, RSATU

With RedForester I could structure my project. It’s convenient to collect information, manage my project and communicate with the team.

Oleg Bolshakov

Teamlead, nppsatek.com

We had used Google Sheets for project management. I’ve tried RedForester and think that we don’t need Sheets anymore .

Evgeniy Krasowski

Program Manager, CRDF

My first words after RedForester demo were «What a cool thing!» 🙂 With that tool I could have birdseye view of my project with both time and structure aspects of it.

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