Platform to match experts with learners for upskilling and career growth
Mentorship, study roadmaps, hands-on projects, community for people in tech to leverage their careers
Expert guidance and support
Find an expert with the needed set of skills, go through screening and start learning. Communicate directly to the expert, asking questions and getting feedback.

Smart mind-maps and note-taking tools
Make notes, comment, add images and videos. Refer back to your notes whenever you need them. Share with the community on the platform for professional networking.

Roadmaps and hands-on projects
Roadmap is the consistent learning path, developed by an expert helps learners not to be lost. Hands-on projects are real company's issues for professional practice.
We use smart matching with AI technologies to connect experts and learners.
How does the platform work from the learner's view?
Set up your profile and learning goals to start
Use our quick application process to create a profile in under 10 minutes. We’ll get in touch to confirm you’re eligible, then suggest the experts for you to choose within.
Start learning according to the study roadmap
Each expert on the platform has a roadmap of the skills he is professional at.
Collaborate with an expert
Experts are for support and guidance along your learning path. Feel free to ask for help via online video sessions and chatting.
Use note-taking tools on the platform to learn efficiently
Our memories are not reliable, note-taking helps to organize your learning and solidify it. Use our smart note-taking tool designed especially for self-learning to avoid repeating mistakes and improve the overall speed.
Ask for a hans-on project from the expert
Personal project can be taken at the final step of the learning roadmap and is possible to choose according as from the very begginning as at the middle of your pathway. It is a real project from the top company we partner with.
Get recruited to the top tech company you dreamed of
If your goal of learning was career-oriented the expert will give you detailed feedback, recommendations and make you a job offer. 90% of our learners change their jobs after upskilling.
Subjects we have experts for
We focus on the tech skills that define the future
Softwear development
Get the gist of engineering requirements, architecture design, deployment, project management and all of important skills that you'd need as a senior software developer
Build security in software by following a set of established and/or recommended rules and practices at any stage of software development lifecycle. Master frameworks, toolsets, security-first OS.
Cloud Computing
Get to know how to create a scalable and flexible distributed software system, that is a base of all type of modern software services: serverless, edge and centralized.
Dive into blockchain functions as a decentralized database that is managed by computers belonging to a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
Artificial Intelligence
Give an ability to computer system to copy human intelligence processes, learn from experiences, adapt to new information and perform human-like activities.
Data analytics
Master the art of mining large amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify patterns can help an organization rein in costs
How Red Forester helps companies to fill the talent gaps?
Selected people in tech with high demand to grow professionally
We attract people who value lifelong learning and are able to move independently with distinct career goals. It is an important characteristic combined with the candidate's experience in technologies like robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and many more.
Collaborating with experts reveals the learner's attitude and potencial
During learning according to the roadmap and attending hands-on projects the expert being a representative from the company have an opportunity to validate the candidate, summarize if the learner fits the supposed role and benefits the team
Hands-on projects are great to get a taste of a candidate's skill of team collaboration
Hands-on projects are real issues that give practice to learner and assessment to the company.
Outbound apprenticeship is a wise method to save costs
Both sides companies and learners are interested in upskilling. We provide a win-win collaboration where the company doesn't pay for team's upskilling but have their future candidates upskilled.
connections that last a lifetime
Red Forester community is a powerful network of industry experts and learners. Our members are united by their desire to grow, and support each other in achieving their ambitious goals.

Why learning is an ongoing process?
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Alexander Petrov
Founder & CEO
Ivan Seliverstov
Ekaterina Siriakova
Alexander Shilov
Senior fullstack developer
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