🌿 New leaves at August – December 2022

Our news from August to December 2022. You could also see these leaves in the map view.

1. New “Backlinks” tab added to the right-hand panel

Backlinks tab used to see where on the map there are link nodes for the selected node.

2. Search by node-links is implemented

Use option Search by node links in Search parameters

3. Faster map loading and opening of nodes via direct link ended with &opened

You could note that the node URL changes when you open the node editor. The “&opened” adds to the end of the URL.

You could send someone such an “&opened” ended URL to point directly to the node editor. By the way, access to node content time will be reduced in that case and that could be useful on large maps.

4. The design of the right-hand panel has been improved, with all tabs now displayed in the same style

5. When selected, node-links are now highlighted in the same way as ordinary nodes, making them stylistically consistent

Node-reference highlighted:

The usual node is highlighted:

Also node states are stylistically aligned (show/edit, edit access/no access).

6. Updated the user dialogue when deleting a large number of nodes

If there are more than ten nodes selected by the user, the user must text the number of nodes to be deleted.

Similarly when deleting a map – the platform asks for the number of nodes in the map to be deleted.

7. The Breadcrumbs have been updated – they now always start with the name of the map

8. The ability to create smaller nodes is now available

Now you can not only increase the width of your nodes, but also reduce their width to 200px (previously the minimum node width was 300px).

9. Node properties aren’t hiding when editing a node

Now when editing a node (when F2 is activated), the node no longer “jumps” as the properties of that node are hidden.



10. New way to use “show only current branch” feature

You could use a new icon

on the left toolbar to show only current branch. The state of this mode is shown by the icon color

If you press again to the icon it will show the whole map.