🌿 New leaves at December 2021

December news! You could also see these leaves in the map view.

1. New favicon –  

We’ve updated the favicon to make the app’s pages more visible.

2. Hidden properties icon

The new icon is shown if the node has some hidden properties with values. You could see them by using node preview or by opening the editor.

3. Node editor new features

Added the shortcut to create the link – Ctrl/Meta + K. Then URL is filled, press the Enter to save or Esc to cancel the input.

Added auto linking for pasted or typed text containing URL.

Added the instrument to the editor tooltip to create text underline (it was and still available with shortcut Ctrl/Meta + U).

Added the instruments to the editor tooltip to set the color of text and background. To clear the text color, select the black option and white to clear the background color.

4. Search update

Reimplemented basic search by node properties content. Search queries should start to find nodes if their property has the queried value.

Fixed the app crash if the search query found the node that had previously been moved from another map.

5. Extensions description available to users in map

Elements in extensions list are now clickable – click will open information dialog (same as in the settings page, but available for every user).

6. Clicks to the links and icon

Fixed the issue with middle mouse clicking on links in the mind map. Previously this bug would cause a click to be canceled if the mouse moved (even slightly) between the button down and button up events.

Note: button “Go to the source” is also a link, so the described above is applied to it. We also allowed native context menu on this button, which will help to access native actions (copy, open new window and other).

7. Advanced insert renamed to Paste special

RedForester has the ability to paste copied nodes using some options. It used to be called “Advanced insert”, but now we decided to change its name to “Paste special”.

8. Node editor fixes

Previously, some of the content might look different when editing, we have fixed known cases:

– Fixed the bug with “bloated” editor toolbar in Firefox.

– Fixed the Firefox issue with text copy from the editor when the browser mistakenly wraps the content with the code block.

– Fixed the issue with the unclearable value of the styled text property.

– Fixed the issues with content wrapping in the comments editor. This is also fixed other issues in the comment editor.

– Improved the editor tooltip positioning in the comment editor.

9. Fix for user cursors

Before this update, user cursors could crash silently: they seemed to work, but only for the current user – others don’t see you.

Cursors example – each icon corresponds to a different browser tab.

10. Mobile app fixes

– Fixed the issue with https certificate on older Android devices.

– Improved actions with node comments.

11. Kanban extension fixes

– Fixed files downloading.

– Fixed missing tasks count, estimated, and spent time in the column top if the spent time is not specified or equal to zero.

– Fixed the render of description and styled text properties.

– Fixed the render for the large images.