🌿 New leaves at July 2021

Time is going and some new leaves have grown on our changelog “tree”. See our public changelog map or text below.

1. New map settings pages

We redesigned map settings page and move it from the previous RedForester codebase to newly one. It makes settings page more clear and hopefully user-friendly.

Also, we added page which show extension description, requirements and commands. That should help you to understand what is an extension’s purpose and what node types are needed for the extension to work.

You could open this page by clicking on an extension in the extension list.

2. Updates on node editor

We made some changes in the node editor design. It should help you to easier read node’s properties content and make changes.

We also improved keyboard navigation inside editor (by using tab and shift + tab keys).

3. Changes in extensions

Remind Me -> Google Calendar

We renamed “Remind Me” extension to “Google Calendar”, that sounds more correct. With the new Google Calendar extension you could invite guests to a planned event directly from RedForester.

Timeline -> Timeline EN (need you action)

If you work with the Timeline extension, you should remove the previous version of the extension from your map and add a new one, that named Timeline EN. Don’t forget to give extension an access to nodes in your map. Sorry for this inconvenience.

4. Small changes

Manage map scale with Numpad

Now you could change the map scale with Numpad shortcuts: ctrl & '+' / ctrl & '-'

Update on type properties color

We changed the type properties color from red to gray to make node design more solid and clear.

Image paste from clipboard

Before this update, we have some technical troubles when users paste an image from the clipboard to Styled text properties or titles or comments in nodes. We fixed it 🙂